Luna is a real life unicorn and a pony club mother’s dream. She has the most amazing, kind, child friendly temperament and is the type of mannerly pony that a child can “ manage “ alone.
Has done all PC activities, from Games right through to the dressage area championships, been on all the teams etc.
Competed successfully in the show area both ridden and working hunter classes. Has an amazing, reliable jump and is currently jumping stepping stones BS, regularly competed at 75cm with 8 year old rider, schooling around 90cm tracks with ease ridden by 8yo and has plenty more jump if needed in the future.
Will happily step down or step up and will see a child right through from first ridden right through their 128cm career. Very brave and honest.
Doesn’t look at any types of fillers, water trays etc.
Has also schooled XC and competed at local ODEs. Bold and reliable, with a level head and good breaks. Very clock work and push button to ride, has a great rhythm.
Super easy in every way, a great teacher to teach children to ride nicely.
Never “too fast” and equally never “ too slow .” Very eye catching, with beautiful daisy cutter paces.
Top class candidate to export to the USA for pony Hunter / Jumper classes.
Definitely rides the right way, with established changes and foot perfect manners.
Brilliant to hack alone and in company, also extremely good to hunt.
Been out already this season for the childrens opening meet and looked after her little jockey, was by far the best pony of a big field of over 60.
A child’s best friend. 100 per cent shoe, box, catch ( comes to call ), clip, absolutely no blemishes etc.
Ponies like this are extremely hard to find and like gold dust.